• Voyager

    Saturday, 20 February, 2016

    As many of you know we were due to present our new show 'The State We're In' at New Diorama this May. 

    As is the nature of creating devised theatre, you can't predict what shape the piece will take until you are in the rehearsal room and initial devising process has taken us down an unexpected route...out into intergalactic space. 

    In 1977 the 'Voyager' spacecraft was launched on its journey of discovery to the outer edges of the solar system. It is now 12 billion miles from home, the furthest anything has ever travelled, and has tipped into Interstellar Space. Inspired by these remarkable events award nominated Idle Motion will begin on Earth, following individual journeys of those looking beyond our own world out into the darkness. This show will reflect upon humanity's relationship with space, how we have always looked to the sky for answers and our ambition to step out into the unknown.

    With this in mind we have re-named the show 'Voyager' and tickets are very much on sale.


    Commence countdown. Engines on

    Idle Motion x

  • Returning Home

    Monday, 19 October, 2015

    We are home from a marvellous China tour of ‘Shooting with Light’ and are happily fuelling up on some much needed home comforts (chiefly cups of tea, marmite and cheese… lots of cheese).

    The tour was a great success, 5 cities, 3 weeks and 13 performances with an average audience of around 300 a night - thank you to everyone who came along. We started in Beijing at The National Centre of Performing Arts aka “The Egg” where we were greeted with the wonderful Chinese version of our set and some pretty stubborn jetlag. Next stop was Wuhan (one of our favourite places) for one night only where we met audiences who had seen all our shows and enjoyed a post performance mosey down the Yangtze River with neon kites fluttering above. Then on to Guangzhou where we were lucky enough to stay in a rather swanky hotel, the perfect mid tour treat. We held a Q+A with audiences about making shows with people from history as inspiration which was really interesting before heading to Shenzhen. The final stop was Hangzhou where we held a workshop with international students and celebrated the end of the tour with a street barbecue. We were told that ‘Shooting with Light’ is translated from Chinese into ‘The Rose of War’. How fitting. 

  • That is All You Need to Know UK 2015 Tour

    Wednesday, 20 May, 2015

    Thank you to everyone who came to see 'Shooting with Light' on its first UK Tour. When making the show we just couldn't imagine it being finished, packed in a van and that we would be able to share it with so many people around the country. It was an absolute delight. There are already plans afoot to bring it back soon so watch this space...

    So with the 'Shooting with Light' set safely tucked away we have repacked the van with 'That is All You Need to Know' ready for a UK tour. We are delighted to welcome Christopher Hughes and Luke Barton into the team as Gordon Welchman and Alan Turing and have already inflicted an awkward van unpack on them (something of an Idle Motion initiation). You can check if we are bringing the story of the Enigma codebreakers to a theatre near you here - http://idlemotion.co.uk/tour-dates. 

    We are rolling our filing cabinets all over the UK and are bringing the show home to the Oxford Playhouse on the 8th June. Last time we performed there we sold out so please book in advance if you are thinking of coming, it is going to be awesome.

    Time to rock out the woollen pullovers once more!

  • Shooting with Light UK Tour

    Wednesday, 15 April, 2015

    Well... it happened! Our new show 'Shooting with Light' opened at the amazing New Diorama Theatre in London three weeks ago and we have been having a blast ever since. The final two weeks of rehearsal now all seem like a sleep deprived, sun deprived, hot meal deprived happy blur of last minute sound editing, transitions and kamikaze devising. The response to the show has been brilliant, more than we could have hoped for with sold out audiences and wonderful reviews and we are eternally grateful to the New Diorama for having us and letting us run riot in their green room.

    Now it's time for us to take our new baby out on the road for its first UK tour! Manchester, Kendal, Oxford, Pocklington, Canterbury, Chipping Norton and then back again to London to perform at Greenwich Theatre. We are beyond excited to be taking this show around the UK and telling Gerda's story to audiences - plus we've got a marvellous new trailer...


    Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Time to buckle up and get on the road.

    Idle Motion X

  • Brand new show

    Monday, 2 March, 2015

    It's three weeks until our new show 'Shooting with Light' opens at New Diorama Theatre in London. We have spent the last few weeks establishing what parts of Gerda Taro's story we want to tell and, most importantly, how we can tell it in the most visually interesting way possible. Time now to hone the script and physicality, build the set, source the props, fine tune the projections, learn the lines and try and remember the order of the scenes and what prop we are supposed to move when. Time for the days to get longer and the kettle to work in overdrive.

    It has been two years since we have made a show and we are completely loving it. It’s lovely to be reminded that making theatre together is the very reason we started Idle Motion in the first place.

    Thank you and we very much hope to see you there,

  • 'That is All You Need to Know' UK Tour

    Friday, 24 October, 2014

    23 performances, 2,888 miles and an unhealthy amount of caffeine later we have finished the UK tour of 'That is All You Need to Know' - our most successful tour to date. Having said goodbye to our trusty 1998 Nissan Micra Idle Motion piled into a much larger hire car (with actual cup holders!) and cruised in convoy around the country to visit new exciting venues and return to theatres that now seem like old friends Unpack van, put up set, perform, take down set, pack van was the order of the day for 5 weeks and despite some pulled backs and a slightly dented van roof, performing to packed houses and hearing audience feedback made every second worth it. 
    Thank you so much to all the venues, the technicians and the audiences who have made is all possible, we appreciate it so much. 
    Next stop China - or 5,897 miles to be exact.

  • Idle Motion Auditions

    Wednesday, 28 May, 2014

    We are looking for 2 male actors to play the roles of Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman during the Autumn UK and China tour of 'That is All You Need to Know'. 
    'That is All You Need to Know' tells the story of Bletchley Park, England's secret codebreaking centre during World War II. The show follows the story of Gordon Welchman as he sits down to write his book 'The Hut 6 Story' in the 1970s. Through his narrative we re-visit Bletchley park where he worked closely with Alan Turing to crack the, seemingly unbreakable, German Enigma Code. The show also touches on how both men were treated after the War. After his groundbreaking work in computing in Manchester Turing was arrested for a homosexual offence in 1952 and subjected to chemical castration as an alternative to prison. He tragically committed suicide in 1954. Gordon Welchman, upon publication of his book in the 1970s, was stripped of his security clearance and banned from discussing his work at Bletchley Park. Both men were betrayed by the government they had worked so tirelessly for
    Decades later, as Bletchley's secrets begin to be revealed another group of groundbreaking volunteers gather to save the home of the Enigma code breakers. Using personal testimony, multimedia and inventive staging, 'That is All You Need to Know' is an insightful, innovative and immersive celebration of the people whose hidden heroism changed the course of our history.

    Auditions will be held on the 24th June, please email [email protected] with their head shot and CV by 5pm on 12th June if you're interested to audition. For information please see the casting calls below:
    Gordon Welchman

    Alan Turing


  • Shadowing at The Lowry

    Friday, 16 May, 2014

    As a theatre company we have been known to combine a technical get-in with writing a new show, booking a tour, proof reading a funding application and gaffa taping a prop back together so it’s a rare joy to find ourselves in an office. There are four producers in Idle Motion who take on the individual roles of Management, Education & Outreach, Tour Booking and Fundraising and since starting the company 6 years ago we have learnt everything ‘on the job’ with help from some incredible mentors.

    So when The Lowry asked us ‘how can we best support you?’ it wasn’t long before we found ourselves admiring The Quays and shadowing their management teams.

    Audience engagement and marketing is a key focus for Idle Motion as we move forward and so Grace, our company manager, has been with the Communications & Marketing team. Her time has been happily spent learning what makes good (and bad) copy and sneaking into marketing meetings in Media City. As a result she won’t stop talking about audience spreadsheets, Gorkana media database and Pinterest.

    Idle Motion began life in drama lessons at a state school in Oxford and so we are particularly passionate about our Education work. Sophie has been finding out about the wealth of inspiring activities taking place within the Learning & Participation department, discussing ways outreach projects can evolve to promote long term, meaningful engagement. She is making plans for when we bring our new show to The Lowry and was thrilled by the impressive ‘tea making culture’ of the team.

    Kate, our tour booker has spent the week with the Programming team learning how best to pitch a show to a venue and how to get into the mind-set of a programmer. She has also seen her first opera and been spending quality time with Excel updating the ‘Kate-a-base’ with key contacts. Both of which are delivered with the same level of passion!

    Ellie has spent her time with the Development team and it has been invaluable to see how, aside from ticket sales, The Lowry manages to keep itself afloat. Along with the plethora of trusts and foundations she has read about Ellie has enjoyed countless fruit pastels and being kept fully up to date on the boating movements of The Quays by fellow office members.

    We leave this week with countless new skills and knowledge to continue to build Idle Motion, reach more people with our work and the desire to come back as soon as we can. Our leaving present for The Lowry? A rather tacky giant cookie. From the reaction in the office it seemed like a fair (ish) trade.

  • Idle Motion are off to Germany

    Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

    We are thrilled to announce that we will be returning to TiG7 Here & Now 5.0! Festival in Mannheim on 7th - 8th May with our production Borges and I. Two years ago we were lucky enough to take The Vanishing Horizon to Here & Now 4.0! and met Wolfgang Gladrow and the wonderful team behind the festival.

  • Associate Artists at The Lowry

    Monday, 24 March, 2014

    We're very happy to annouce that for the next year we've been asked to become Associate Artists at The Lowry. They have supported the company since our first big tour in 2011 and we've really benefited from their support and encouragement over the last three years. It's such a honour to be Associates at this amazing and dynamic venue and we can't wait to start making our new show in association with them. 

  • New Biography on Gordon Welchman

    Tuesday, 4 March, 2014

    For anyone who wants to learn more about Bletchley Park and the genius Gordon Welchman there's a new biography out about him!

    The author Joel Greenburg helped us out a great deal with our research for 'That is All You Need to Know' - trust us - he knows what he's talking about!

  • A message from Shanghai

    Saturday, 1 March, 2014

    A message from Kate out in Shanghai at the moment on Idle Motion's behalf...
    "With the kind support of British Council China I've spent the week in Shanghai meeting the creative team at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and talking to them about the theatre that inspires us, the innovative work they're making and about Idle Motion's productions and possible ways we may be able to collaborate in the future. 

    I've also fitted in seeing a performance of Satre's Huis Clos which was fantastic and got a chance to watch a shadow puppetry workshop for one of the theatre's future productions. It's great to be back in Shanghai, the city is buzzing with energy, I've eaten incredible food and met some great people. 

    It's also given me a chance to reflect on the last six years of IM, the people we've met, the places we've been, the shows we've made and all of the exhilarating, memorable, creative, brilliant, stressful and fun times that we've shared together. I'm feeling incredibly lucky to have been a part of this and am invigorated to get going with our sixth show which we're all very, very excited about.

    Kate x

  • Nick Pitt

    Sunday, 15 September, 2013

    Our long time Associate Nick Pitt has started an MA in Directing at Birbeck and we want to wish him the very best of luck. We are really going to miss him but we’re hoping to continue working with him as an advisor and collaborator. We've been through a lot together - from lugging our suitcases through the snow to do our first scratch of The Vanishing Horizon, to a performance with concussion (with Lyn Gardner in the audience), performing at the National Theatre in China, to navigating our way around Jordan with a hand drawn map, to working 15 hour days finishing That is All You Need to Know. He is a very talented theatre maker, a dear friend and has helped make this company what it is. We wish him all the very best.

  • Autumn 2013

    Thursday, 5 September, 2013

    All in all we clocked up 29 performances of ‘That is All You Need to Know’ and ‘Borges and I’ at Edinburgh Fringe - thank you to everyone who queued in the rain, walked through the door and sat down on those seats when there was so much great theatre to see. We returned home for a sell-out performance 'That is All You Need to Know' at the Oxford Playhouse which was a very special one for us, before tucking our props up in storage for the winter. Now for some Idle Motion downtime before a tour of ‘That is All You Need to Know’ and ‘Borges and I’ in Autumn 2014. Oh and we’re making a new show – working title ‘Unknown Land’ - which is how it will stay for a while yet…

  • That is All...for the tour...

    Saturday, 8 June, 2013

    So we have come to the end of the tour for our new show 'That is All You Need to Know'. Big thank you to The Lowry, The Theatre Chipping Norton, The Gulbenkian, The North Wall, The Space Seven Oaks, mac Birmingham, Redbridge Drama Centre and Greenwich Theatre for having us. Big love to all of the audiences who came through the doors. 
    Next stop Edinburgh Fringe

  • Premier of our new show That is All You Need to Know

    Thursday, 2 May, 2013

    After 2 solid weeks of 15 hour days fuelled on caffeine and very little natural light our new show That is All You Need to Know has opened at The Lowry! Thank you to everyone who came along to the previews - the show is only going to get better from here and we are so excited about where it may lead... cue opening night on-stage party...

  • Idle Motion in China

    Wednesday, 3 April, 2013

    We're back from China after an incredible time performing The Vanishing Horizon at The National Theatre in Beijing and The Lyceum in Shanghai. Two weeks of great audiences, delicious dim sum (80 dumplings were consumed one night) and even some sunshine! We have learnt to 'never say never' when it comes to The Vanishing Horizon but as it stands at the moment there are no plans to perform it again. To everyone who donated a suitcase, who helped make the show with us, who supported it on its adventures around the world and to anyone who has ever come and sat in the audience. We thank you very much.
  • Borges and I Spring tour

    Friday, 18 February, 2011

    Thank you to everyone who came along to our UK tour of Borges and I. Kicking off at Bristol's brilliant Tobacco Factory Theatre we headed off to Worcester University, Cardiff's RCWMD, Liverpool's The Unity Theatre, Leeds' amazing performance space Slung Low and Abergavenny's lovely Borough Theatre. Next stop Beijing with The Vanishing Horizon...