A message from Shanghai

A message from Kate out in Shanghai at the moment on Idle Motion's behalf...
"With the kind support of British Council China I've spent the week in Shanghai meeting the creative team at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and talking to them about the theatre that inspires us, the innovative work they're making and about Idle Motion's productions and possible ways we may be able to collaborate in the future. 

I've also fitted in seeing a performance of Satre's Huis Clos which was fantastic and got a chance to watch a shadow puppetry workshop for one of the theatre's future productions. It's great to be back in Shanghai, the city is buzzing with energy, I've eaten incredible food and met some great people. 

It's also given me a chance to reflect on the last six years of IM, the people we've met, the places we've been, the shows we've made and all of the exhilarating, memorable, creative, brilliant, stressful and fun times that we've shared together. I'm feeling incredibly lucky to have been a part of this and am invigorated to get going with our sixth show which we're all very, very excited about.

Kate x