Idle Motion Auditions

We are looking for 2 male actors to play the roles of Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman during the Autumn UK and China tour of 'That is All You Need to Know'. 
'That is All You Need to Know' tells the story of Bletchley Park, England's secret codebreaking centre during World War II. The show follows the story of Gordon Welchman as he sits down to write his book 'The Hut 6 Story' in the 1970s. Through his narrative we re-visit Bletchley park where he worked closely with Alan Turing to crack the, seemingly unbreakable, German Enigma Code. The show also touches on how both men were treated after the War. After his groundbreaking work in computing in Manchester Turing was arrested for a homosexual offence in 1952 and subjected to chemical castration as an alternative to prison. He tragically committed suicide in 1954. Gordon Welchman, upon publication of his book in the 1970s, was stripped of his security clearance and banned from discussing his work at Bletchley Park. Both men were betrayed by the government they had worked so tirelessly for
Decades later, as Bletchley's secrets begin to be revealed another group of groundbreaking volunteers gather to save the home of the Enigma code breakers. Using personal testimony, multimedia and inventive staging, 'That is All You Need to Know' is an insightful, innovative and immersive celebration of the people whose hidden heroism changed the course of our history.

Auditions will be held on the 24th June, please email [email protected] with their head shot and CV by 5pm on 12th June if you're interested to audition. For information please see the casting calls below:
Gordon Welchman

Alan Turing