Returning Home

We are home from a marvellous China tour of ‘Shooting with Light’ and are happily fuelling up on some much needed home comforts (chiefly cups of tea, marmite and cheese… lots of cheese).

The tour was a great success, 5 cities, 3 weeks and 13 performances with an average audience of around 300 a night - thank you to everyone who came along. We started in Beijing at The National Centre of Performing Arts aka “The Egg” where we were greeted with the wonderful Chinese version of our set and some pretty stubborn jetlag. Next stop was Wuhan (one of our favourite places) for one night only where we met audiences who had seen all our shows and enjoyed a post performance mosey down the Yangtze River with neon kites fluttering above. Then on to Guangzhou where we were lucky enough to stay in a rather swanky hotel, the perfect mid tour treat. We held a Q+A with audiences about making shows with people from history as inspiration which was really interesting before heading to Shenzhen. The final stop was Hangzhou where we held a workshop with international students and celebrated the end of the tour with a street barbecue. We were told that ‘Shooting with Light’ is translated from Chinese into ‘The Rose of War’. How fitting.