Shadowing at The Lowry

As a theatre company we have been known to combine a technical get-in with writing a new show, booking a tour, proof reading a funding application and gaffa taping a prop back together so it’s a rare joy to find ourselves in an office. There are four producers in Idle Motion who take on the individual roles of Management, Education & Outreach, Tour Booking and Fundraising and since starting the company 6 years ago we have learnt everything ‘on the job’ with help from some incredible mentors.

So when The Lowry asked us ‘how can we best support you?’ it wasn’t long before we found ourselves admiring The Quays and shadowing their management teams.

Audience engagement and marketing is a key focus for Idle Motion as we move forward and so Grace, our company manager, has been with the Communications & Marketing team. Her time has been happily spent learning what makes good (and bad) copy and sneaking into marketing meetings in Media City. As a result she won’t stop talking about audience spreadsheets, Gorkana media database and Pinterest.

Idle Motion began life in drama lessons at a state school in Oxford and so we are particularly passionate about our Education work. Sophie has been finding out about the wealth of inspiring activities taking place within the Learning & Participation department, discussing ways outreach projects can evolve to promote long term, meaningful engagement. She is making plans for when we bring our new show to The Lowry and was thrilled by the impressive ‘tea making culture’ of the team.

Kate, our tour booker has spent the week with the Programming team learning how best to pitch a show to a venue and how to get into the mind-set of a programmer. She has also seen her first opera and been spending quality time with Excel updating the ‘Kate-a-base’ with key contacts. Both of which are delivered with the same level of passion!

Ellie has spent her time with the Development team and it has been invaluable to see how, aside from ticket sales, The Lowry manages to keep itself afloat. Along with the plethora of trusts and foundations she has read about Ellie has enjoyed countless fruit pastels and being kept fully up to date on the boating movements of The Quays by fellow office members.

We leave this week with countless new skills and knowledge to continue to build Idle Motion, reach more people with our work and the desire to come back as soon as we can. Our leaving present for The Lowry? A rather tacky giant cookie. From the reaction in the office it seemed like a fair (ish) trade.