As many of you know we were due to present our new show 'The State We're In' at New Diorama this May. 

As is the nature of creating devised theatre, you can't predict what shape the piece will take until you are in the rehearsal room and initial devising process has taken us down an unexpected route...out into intergalactic space. 

In 1977 the 'Voyager' spacecraft was launched on its journey of discovery to the outer edges of the solar system. It is now 12 billion miles from home, the furthest anything has ever travelled, and has tipped into Interstellar Space. Inspired by these remarkable events award nominated Idle Motion will begin on Earth, following individual journeys of those looking beyond our own world out into the darkness. This show will reflect upon humanity's relationship with space, how we have always looked to the sky for answers and our ambition to step out into the unknown.

With this in mind we have re-named the show 'Voyager' and tickets are very much on sale.

Commence countdown. Engines on

Idle Motion x