‘Maybe it's a little early; maybe the time is not quite yet. But those other worlds, promising untold opportunities, beckon. Silently, they orbit the sun, waiting’ Carl Sagan

In 1977 the Voyager spacecraft is launched on its journey of discovery. It carries with it a Golden Record, a brief history of our time and place amongst the stars. Just minutes after this momentous launch, a baby girl is born on Earth. Carrie. 

Four decades later Voyager is 12 billion miles from home and the furthest anything manmade has ever travelled. Carrie is a teacher and soon to be married. As Voyager leaves our solar system, a solitary ambassador piercing through the silence of interstellar space, a change is triggered in Carrie and a strong desire to leave Earth begins to grow. She is faced with the prospect of leaving behind everything she has ever known, to become a pioneer, on a one way mission to Mars. 

Using their stunning blend of multimedia, inventive staging and physicality, Idle Motion’s ‘Voyager’ confronts the paradox between the human need for exploration and the limitations of modernity, questioning our next giant leap and whether we should take it.